Empower children to see the world through God's eyes with a curriculum that combines learning about God and His world through discovery and investigation. Students will learn the building blocks of reading and writing by engaging in the world around them through hands-on activities and imaginative play. With our easy-to-teach format, you'll enjoy pre-planned lessons with minimal preparation and everything you need to get started.


Age 3 (preschool)
All Aboard the Animal Train

This complete preschool program is packed with 36 weeks of easy-to-teach activities, fully scheduled and prepared for you. Learn about 12 animals through finger plays, creative play, fabulous books, and colorful animal cookie cutters. We're excited about this fun, educational curriculum with biblical values and character development!


Age 4 (pre-k)
Voyage of Discovery

In this complete program, children gain academic readiness skills with the alphabet and numbers and enjoy read-aloud times. They'll learn about their community — post office, fire station, church, grocery store — and make delightful science discoveries. They'll develop fine and large motor skills and increase in cognitive skills. Most importantly, they'll learn God's truth and be encouraged to live it in their lives.


Age 5 (kindergarten)
God's Creation from A-Z

This year-long, hands-on phonics adventure begins with a two-week focus on the Creation story from Genesis, followed by 26 hands-on, easy-to-teach thematic units that teach reading. Each unit focuses on an alphabet letter linked to an object in God’s wonderful creation and a biblical character trait. Science activities and hands-on projects reinforce each character trait. Also includes reading, math, creative thinking, children's literature, and art.


In Preschool, Pre-K and Kindergarten, our learning adventures take a thematic approach as children explore God's world through faith-building read-aloud books, hands-on activities, science projects, math, art, music, and biblical messages woven throughout the curriculum. Each package contains the needed resources for our full-year Christian preschool, daycare, or homeschool curriculum.