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My Father's World Preschool Curriculum is everything teachers love: comprehensive, pre-planned, easy-to-teach, adaptable, developmentally appropriate and students love it! Our program is very flexible and can begin at any time of the year. You can do all the activities, or pick and choose the ones that best fit your Christian preschool classroom needs.

Our format equips teachers to cultivate children's creativity, motor, and cognitive skills with simple, hands-on activities that encourage curiosity and wonder for God's amazing creation as they learn to love and believe in the One who created it. We provide step-by-step instructions to help teachers create a high-quality learning environment with minimal preparation time.

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Age 3All Aboard the Animal Train

All Aboard the Animal Train

All Aboard the Animal Train is our year-long hands-on learning adventure for three-year olds. This complete preschool program is flexible and simple to teach. You can begin any time of the year. You can do all the activities, or pick and choose the ones best for you. The 12 units provide 36 weeks of engaging learning—3 weeks per unit.

Hands-on learning couldn't be simpler! Easy-to-teach activities are all scheduled for you with almost no preparation. (Who has time to gather ribbon in 6 colors, cut out 50 little penguins, or plan new activities every day?) Children will learn about 12 animals (one in each unit) through finger plays, creative play, songs, and colorful animal cookie cutters.

Our program is also bursting with fabulous books, all scheduled for you, about each animal. We're excited about this fun, educational curriculum with biblical values and character development!

Each of the 12 three-week units focus on a character trait, a color, and an animal. For example, Unit 1 focuses on love (God loves us, so we love God and others), rabbits, and red.

In Unit 1 children will:

  • Hear Bible stories about God's love, sing a Bible song from the included CD, participate in simple character-developing activities, and create a unit poster (from the Student Sheets) to display during the unit.
  • Help make red play dough from scratch, enjoy trying red foods, and go on a red color hunt.
  • Pretend to be a rabbit, learn a rabbit finger play, listen to stories about rabbits, and make a rabbit-shaped sandwich with cookie cutters included in the Package.

Children will enjoy four different activities each day scheduled in the Teacher's Manual:

  1. Together Time — daily group activity.
  2. Story Time — books and poems from the package and a list of optional library books focusing on the 12 animals you will study.
  3. Surprise Time — five semi-independent activities; using resources from the package and other simple-to-gather items.
  4. Outside Time — unstructured outside play for exploration, health and large motor development.

The goals of our program are:

Spiritual Growth
  • God loves us, so we love God and others.
  • Twelve character traits - love, obedience, patience, kindness, sharing, thankfulness, politeness, friendliness, forgiveness, joy, truthfulness, doing your best
  • Three Bible stories and a memory verse for each character trait
Cognitive Development
  • Creative thinking, problem solving, imaginative play
  • Songs and fingerplays
Reading and Math
  • Read-aloud stories and poems to develop reading readiness and a love for books
  • Print awareness, phonemic awareness skills (rhymes, etc.)
  • Informal alphabet readiness - watch the adult write and read words, enjoy several alphabet stories and an optional alphabet art activity
  • Numbers, colors, shapes - a variety of multi-sensory activities develop true understanding
  • Twelve animals - what fun!
  • Each unit has a preschool learning song (about animals, colors, etc.) and a Bible song, using Sing for Joy CD created by MFW.
Physical Development
  • Gross motor skills - pretend to be an animal, play outside, and more
  • Fine motor skills - squeeze play dough, paint and color, learn finger plays, and more
  • Health - focus on nutrition by enjoying healthy snacks

This program might be just right for you if:

  • You'd like to create memory-making time each day — an easy-to-teach Together Time activity (15 minutes), Story Time (books and poems provided), a semi-independent Surprise Time activity, and unstructured Outside Time.
  • You are looking for a flexible, easy-to-use, educationally-sound, character-developing program.
  • You'd love a big stack of read-aloud books, paint, sturdy activity sheets, and educational toys, with daily lessons already planned — all at a great price!

We invite you to contact us with any questions or to request a custom quote. There are also sample options from downloading sample units to shipping samples to your door.

Age 4Voyage of Discovery

Voyage of Discovery

Voyage of Discovery is our year-long Pre-K learning adventure for four-year-olds. In this complete program, children will discover many exciting things about the world in which we live. They'll gain academic readiness skills with the alphabet and numbers and enjoy read aloud times. They'll learn about their community — post office, fire station, church, grocery store — and make delightful science discoveries. They'll develop fine and large motor skills and increase in cognitive skills. Most importantly, they'll learn God's truth and be encouraged to live it in their lives.

The goals of Voyage of Discovery are:

Spiritual Growth

  • Key Themes: God loves us, so we love God. We love our neighbor as ourselves.
  • Bible stories from Genesis to Revelation with related hands-on activities
  • Weekly Bible verses

Reading and Math

  • Read-aloud stories to develop reading readiness and a love for books
  • Hands-on alphabet activities
  • Print awareness, visual and auditory skills
  • Numbers to 10, colors, and shapes

Science and Social Studies

  • Simple activities to encourage curiosity, a love for science, and an awe for God's amazing creation
  • Opportunities to learn to make predictions, ask questions, observe carefully, and discuss results
  • Community Helpers: post office, fire station, church, grocery store, and more as well as suggested field trips

Art and Music

  • Hands-on crafts
  • Songs (on CD) for Bible memory verses

Cognitive Development

  • Creative thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Imaginative play

Physical Development

  • Gross motor skills: outside play, both structured and unstructured
  • Fine motor skills: paint, color, and draw, squeeze play dough, begin writing letters and numbers
  • Health: focus on nutrition by enjoying healthy snacks

Voyage of Discovery is very flexible and you can begin any time of the year. Lessons are about an hour, five days a week, for 32 weeks.

We invite you to contact us with any questions or to request a custom quote. There are also sample options from downloading sample units to shipping samples to your door.

Age 5God's Creation from A to Z

God's Creation from A to Z

This complete kindergarten curriculum contains all necessary subjects for a year-long hands-on learning adventure. The first two weeks focus on the Creation story from Genesis, followed by 26 hands-on, easy-to-teach thematic units (one letter each week) that focus on the wonders in God's creation. The sun, moon, rocks, vegetables, elephants, butterflies, and dinosaurs are just a few of the exciting topics you will explore.

Also included is a Christmas unit for December with Bible stories and activities as well as a unit on the Fruit of the Spirit, focusing on character (love, joy, peace, etc.) with cooking, science, and more.


This highly successful multi-sensory phonics approach makes teaching reading easy. Hands-on and workbook activities are combined to teach letter names, letter sounds (consonants and short vowels), sound blending, and correct handwriting. Students learn to read and write short vowel words. By mid-year they are reading very simple stories.

As part of our "learning to love to read" focus, in each unit children enjoy a children's literature book related to the theme as well as literacy extension activities.


Our informal, integrated approach helps children easily learn foundational math concepts. In addition to the daily hands-on math routines and worksheets for each unit, many skills are woven into the lessons as students cut an apple in half, measure and compare the lengths of dinosaurs and whales, and order leaves by size. All typical kindergarten goals are taught, including counting objects, writing numerals, preparing and understanding charts and graphs, comparing, classifying, sequencing and understanding ordinal numbers, fractions (whole/half), clocks, money, and an introduction to addition and subtraction.

Bible, Science, Creative Thinking, Children's Literature, and Art

These subjects are integrated into the easy-to-teach thematic units. Each week focuses on one alphabet letter and one corresponding science topic. For example, "S-s-sun":

  • Students learn letter "s" and number 1
  • Study about the sun, construct and use a sundial, observe and chart grapes as they become raisins, paint a sun, and listen to a funny book about shadows
  • Learn that, like the sun, Jesus is the Light of the World

Character Development

This special focus is integrated into each unit.

  • The turtle lesson teaches, "I don't quit -- I persevere!"
  • The horse lesson teaches, "I obey right away."
  • The zebra lesson teaches, "I can't hide anything from God."

Daily Lessons

Clearly written, step-by-step, 90-minute daily lessons in a grid lesson plan chart for each week are of great help for all who teach. Daily work is presented in four parts:

  • Reading/Language Arts and Math – includes 100 Chart and monthly calendar, poems, phonics-based reading lessons, and handwriting.
  • Activities – Bible/character development lesson and the day's special hands-on activity focusing on science, math, art, children's literature, and creative thinking.
  • Read Aloud
  • Outside Time

We invite you to contact us with any questions or to request a custom quote. There are also sample options from downloading sample units to shipping samples to your door.

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Preschools Testimonials

United States

"Life for a preschooler really is a voyage of discovery. My Father's World curriculum has captured that wonder and developed it with specific skills and concepts appropriate for their age. The curriculum is easy to follow and it helps me guide children through concepts that build from simple to more complex over the year."

Elizabeth M.
United States

"This curriculum is fun, explorative, a good balance of learning and play, teaches values in a relaxed way, and more. It's great!"

Tina P.
United States

"My Father's World really holds my hand and allows me to do things with the kids, but never really had the time to plan and prepare."


In Preschool, Pre-K and Kindergarten, our learning adventures take a thematic approach as children explore God's world through faith-building read-aloud books, hands-on activities, science projects, math, art, music, and biblical messages woven throughout the curriculum. Each package contains the needed resources for our full-year Christian preschool, daycare, or homeschool curriculum.