About Us

My Father's World is dedicated to inspiring academic excellence in an easy and life transforming way. Our goal is to raise up a generation of children who see the world through God's eyes and live accordingly to that knowledge.

Our Approach

My Father's World Christian Preschool, Pre-K and Kindergarten curriculum combines easy-to-teach daily lessons, hands-on activities, and Bible integration that is thoughtfully and thoroughly integrated throughout the learning experience.

Easy-to-Teach Daily Lessons: Our planner includes daily lessons outlining each day's readings, activities, and discussions incorporating all package contents into an easy-to-use structured guide. Minimizing daily planning allows you to do more of what you love - spending time with your children.

Hands-on-Activities: All of our packages include hands-on activities to improve motor skills, help retention, and create a fun learning experience that will inspire your child's love for learning.

Our easy-to-use-guides include many additional crafts, games, and activities to reinforce key concepts.

Bible Integration: As children learn about the amazing world they live in, they also learn to love and believe in the One who created it. Activities and Bible stories help develop practical life skills, focusing on character development.

Meet the Founders

My Father's World was founded by David and Marie Hazell. David is passionate about serving Christ and home and classroom education, and has been involved with Bible translation for several decades. His wife, Marie, is a speech and language specialist with a master's degree and teaching credentials; her experience in education inspired her to develop programs adaptable to a variety of learning styles and ages. Together, they combined their experiences and knowledge in education, family, and biblical principles to create what is now known as My Father's World. Learn More

Preschool Made Easy

At My Father's World, we talk a lot about how we make learning easy … and it's not just talk. We know that teaching can be a challenging enough job without the added responsibility of coming up with lesson plans, gathering supplies and thinking up new ideas to make learning fun for children. We're here to make teaching as easy as possible.

  • Reading Readiness
  • Hands-On Activities & Science
  • Developmentally Appropriate
  • Preplanned Daily Lessons
  • Manageable Time Commitment
  • Bible Integration


My Father's World works very closely with God's Word for the Nations on translating the Bible into new languages so people can read it in their native language for the first time in history. Learn more


In Preschool, Pre-K and Kindergarten, our learning adventures take a thematic approach as children explore God's world through faith-building read-aloud books, hands-on activities, science projects, math, art, music, and biblical messages woven throughout the curriculum. Each package contains the needed resources for our full-year Christian preschool, daycare, or homeschool curriculum.