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Age 5 Complete Curriculum:

God's Creation from A to Z
Item #: PSAGE5 
God's Creation from A to Z is a learning adventure that will encourage a lifetime love of exploration and discovery. The 26 hands-on, easy-to-teach thematic units focus on the wonder of God's creation. The sun, moon, rocks, vegetables, elephants, butterflies, and dinosaurs are just a few of the exciting topics you will explore.

This complete kindergarten curriculum contains all necessary subjects for a year-long hands-on learning adventure. The first two weeks focus on the Creation story from Genesis, followed by 26 hands-on, easy-to-teach thematic units (one letter each week) that focus on the wonders in God's creation. The sun, moon, rocks, vegetables, elephants, butterflies, and dinosaurs are just a few of the exciting topics you will explore.

Also included is a Christmas unit for December with Bible stories and activities as well as a unit on the Fruit of the Spirit, focusing on character (love, joy, peace, etc.) with cooking, science, and more.


This highly successful multi-sensory phonics approach makes teaching reading easy. Hands-on and workbook activities are combined to teach letter names, letter sounds (consonants and short vowels), sound blending, and correct handwriting. Students learn to read and write short vowel words. By mid-year they are reading very simple stories.

As part of our "learning to love to read" focus, in each unit children enjoy a children's literature book related to the theme as well as literacy extension activities.


Our informal, integrated approach helps children easily learn foundational math concepts. In addition to the daily hands-on math routines and worksheets for each unit, many skills are woven into the lessons as students cut an apple in half, measure and compare the lengths of dinosaurs and whales, and order leaves by size. All typical kindergarten goals are taught, including counting objects, writing numerals, preparing and understanding charts and graphs, comparing, classifying, sequencing and understanding ordinal numbers, fractions (whole/half), clocks, money, and an introduction to addition and subtraction.

Bible, Science, Creative Thinking, Children's Literature, and Art

These subjects are integrated into the easy-to-teach thematic units. Each week focuses on one alphabet letter and one corresponding science topic. For example, "S-s-sun":

  • Students learn letter "s" and number 1
  • Study about the sun, construct and use a sundial, observe and chart grapes as they become raisins, paint a sun, and listen to a funny book about shadows
  • Learn that, like the sun, Jesus is the Light of the World

Character Development

This special focus is integrated into each unit.

  • The turtle lesson teaches, "I don't quit -- I persevere!"
  • The horse lesson teaches, "I obey right away."
  • The zebra lesson teaches, "I can't hide anything from God."

Daily Lessons

Clearly written, step-by-step, 90-minute daily lessons in a grid lesson plan chart for each week are of great help for all who teach. Daily work is presented in four parts:

  • Reading/Language Arts and Math – includes 100 Chart and monthly calendar, poems, phonics-based reading lessons, and handwriting.
  • Activities – Bible/character development lesson and the day's special hands-on activity focusing on science, math, art, children's literature, and creative thinking.
  • Read Aloud
  • Outside Time

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